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From the editor

As you'll have noticed, I have changed the style of the newsletter. This is to allow everyone to receive it in some form or other - it seems that some people had trouble reading.pdf files, which were necessary for distribution in the previous format.

I am now making the newsletter available in three ways:

  • as a password-protected webpage (see below for more on the password), complete with hyperlinks to take you from section to section, at, which you can read on-line or download to print out
  • as a paper version for those who still require one
  • as plain text in an email message

The paper version is not as pretty as before. The reason is that the pretty one was done in Pagemaker, and you can't save Pagemaker files as plain text to send to those people who dont have the Acrobat Reader. The current paper version is simply a reformatted version of the web-based newsletter.

The plain text in the email of course is not formatted at all. Its great advantage is that anyone can read it, either as it is, or you can copy it into your favourite word processor and print it out to your own specifications.

Apologies to those of you who preferred the way I have been doing the last few newsletters, and thanks to those who sent in appreciative remarks. But as a society, we obviously do need everyone to have access to the information in the newsletter.

Anyway, let's see how this method works, and hopefully this will be the last major change to distribution method for a while. Your comments are welcome, of course. I've been on a steep learning curve re webpages, so please be forgiving if I have goofed somewhere!

I've taken the opportunity to fix up the ALS home page and members' contact list, so I hope you will find those useful - and again, let me know of any problems.

Important: password required!!

I have put the newsletter and the members' contact list behind a password on the website, and I have sent a password to everyone I have an email address for. This should help keep things a little more secure. If you don't have a password, and you are a member, email me on <>.

Thanks to all those who sent in their email addresses. We have now tipped the balance, with more than half the membership receiving the newsletter electronically. It you still haven't let me know your email address please send it to me (Newsletter Editor) asap, and I will send you your password if you need it.

Membership due dates

Some people have asked me how they can find out whether their membership is up to date. In general, subscriptions are due at the beginning of each calendar year, unless you pay for several years at a time. The year you are paid to is shown on the address label on the envelope your journal comes in. If you don't happen to have kept the last label framed on your wall, you can get in touch with the Treasurer, Doug Absalom, to find out your status, or wait till the next journal comes.

This may be a good time to remind you that apart from email addresses, there is only one membership list and that is maintained by the Treasurer, Doug Absalom. If you need to change your address or make other enquiries, please do it through him (see form below).


Table of Contents

Linguistics position at Batchelor
Linguistics position at UNE
Linguistics position in Christchurch
Linguists needed for Native Title research in WA
Carfax abstracting service
NZLS conference
Language and Gender Symposium
The Australian Linguistics List
Recent Publications by members
News from the Typology Centre
News from the University of Sydney
At the Coalface
ALAA conference
34th Colloquium of Linguistics
About ALS
ALS Office Bearers
Next newsletter
ALS membership and address changes
ALS journal: The Australian Journal of Linguistics

ALS 1999 Conference

University of Western Australia 28 Sept - 2 Oct

The 1999 conference will be held in Perth in spring, the season for Western Australia's wildflowers and whale-watching. The conference venue, the University of Western Australia, is on the beautiful Swan River next to King's Park. Perth is a cosmopolitan city of around 1.5 million people and combines a beautiful natural environment with an excellent climate.

The main information on the conference is provided at the conference website

Major speakers will be

  • Prof. Stephen R. Anderson (Yale)
  • Prof. Janet Holmes (Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Dr Malcolm Ross (ANU)

Papers are invited in any area of contemporary linguistic research. Selected papers will be published on the web as proceedings of the conference.

Program Outline

  • Tuesday, September 28 evening: Welcome function.
  • Wednesday, September 29 Common day with ALAA conference.
  • Thursday, September 30 General sessions, Annual General Meeting (5pm), Conference Dinner
  • Friday, October 1 General sessions
  • Saturday, October 2 Linguistic Issues in Native Title Claims workshop

Submitting an abstract

The conference organisers invite submissions for oral presentations (25 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions) on any area of contemporary linguistic research. For the general sessions, abstracts of 300-500 words should be submitted via the website where possible, or by e-mail or post.

Abstracts must be received by July 1. Guidelines and examples are available via the website. Acceptance of abstracts will be notified, and a draft program released on the website, in mid-July.

Workshops, Symposia, Forums (as at 4/5/99)

  • 'Non-standard' Dialect Issues, contact Ian Malcolm (
  • Linguistic Issues in Native Title Claims, contact John Henderson (
  • Linguists and Field Texts: What to do with them? contact Harold Koch (

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If you have access to the web, we would appreciate it if you could use the web registration form at the conference website rather than the e-mail form in this newsletter.

There is a discount for registrations paid for by July 1. See the registration form for the fees.

Conference website


Accommodation has been arranged at two colleges at UWA. The main bookings are with St George's College but there are a limited number of slightly cheaper rooms available at St Thomas More College. Breakfast is included in the quoted rates. Evening meals can be arranged with the colleges at additional cost. A $50 deposit is required to make a booking: you will be expected to pay the remainder of the accommodation charges directly to the relevant college office during your stay. Bookings can be made on the registration form. If your first preference for accommodation is unavailable, the colleges will contact you.

Most of the college accommodation is in single rooms but there are a few twin rooms available in St George's College. If people wishing to share a room are both registering for the conference, both should submit a separate registration form, with both indicating on the registration form the person who has agreed to share with them.


The official conference airline, Ansett, offers conference rates if you quote masterfile number MC 08153. Standard advance purchase fares can be cheaper, though unlike the special conference rates, many require a Saturday night away. Contact Ansett on 131300 for details.

Further information

See the conference website


John Henderson, Centre for Linguistics, UWA, WA 6907
ph. 08 9380 2870
fax 08 9380 1154

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Workshops etc at ALS99

ALS working party on teaching linguistics

The ALS's working party on teaching linguistics would like to hold a workshop at the next ALS meeting in Perth to discuss teaching linguistics.

Please e-mail your response to all of us:

Possible Australian English Symposium?

We here at Monash wonder if there are people interested in offering papers (not necessarily of full-length) in a symposium on Australian (or Australasian) English at ALS in Perth, similar to those held in 1997 and 1998. I am not sure if I will be in Perth, but I do not mind coordinating things at this stage (if I do not go, I will find someone to run the session). Please let me have your reactions.

Yours, Mark Newbrook <>

ALS Conference Workshop on Linguistic Issues in Native Title Claims

Saturday, October 2

Linguistic evidence has played an increasingly important role in native title claims, as highlighted recently in the Miriuwung-Gajerrong and Yorta-Yorta cases. This workshop will provide an opportunity to draw together the linguistic issues arising in the various claims. It will be of interest to linguists, anthropologists, lawyers and others involved in native title claims.

Papers are invited on all relevant aspects of native title claims, including but not limited to:

  • revisiting the issues of the relationships between language, people and country, including the notion of the language group
  • historical and comparative evidence for the continuity of language in a given area, including
  • use of historical documentation
  • issues of contemporary knowledge and use of language
  • the role of place names and geographical and ecological terms
  • communication in court and in the preparation of claims, including communicative styles
  • interpreting and translation
  • difficulties in communication
  • comparison with similar issues in other countries

More information, including a short bibliography, is available via the ALS conference website: Contact John Henderson at UWA (; ph. 08 9380 2870; fax 08 9380 1154).

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ALS 1999 Forum: Linguists and Field Texts: What to do with them?

Convenors: Harold Koch <> and Peter Carroll <>

Most field linguists record, transcribe, and analyse texts of various kinds in the process of documenting a language. What is done with these texts, apart from being used as a means of discovering and describing the grammar? Many if not most remain in notebooks, filing systems or on hard drives. Should they, or how can they, be made available more widely?

At this ALS 1999 forum we would like to get field linguists to share their ideas and experiences on these matters with one another, with a view to making progress toward getting many of our texts into the public domain in some way.

We propose to introduce the forum with several brief presentations and then have a structured discussion of the issues mentioned in the accompanying outline. We would like participants to come prepared to relate their experiences and desires with regard to field texts to the issues we have flagged. Particular issues (e.g. software for text manipulation) may be explored in greater depth in future years. Anyone interested in presenting a full paper on some aspect of texts is encouraged to submit it for the full ALS conference program. Although the convenors' experience is with Australian Aboriginal languages, we welcome participation by linguists from any language.

Issues for Discussion

  • Previous practice (since Boas)
  • What is the usefulness of texts?
  • Kinds of texts
  • Who is potentially interested in texts?
  • To whom do we have obligations to make texts available?
  • Issues of data collection and management, etc.
  • Issues of publication

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ALS99 Symposium on Issues in Non-standard Dialect Research


  • To provide an international forum for discussion of issues related to research into nonstandard dialects
  • To include specific focus on research in relation to setting (in particular, workplace, school, community and legal contexts)
  • To include non-standard dialect speaker participation
  • To include opportunity for informal inputs as well as formal papers
  • To lead towards appropriate publication of papers and discussion contributed

International Invited Speakers

  • Professor Diana Eades, University of Hawaii
  • Professor Viv Edwards, University of Reading
  • Professor Janet Holmes, Victoria University of Wellington


The symposium will take place on Thursday 30th September (2nd full day of the ALS conference). Final programming is not yet determined but it will probably commence mid-morning (after the opening plenary) and run until mid or late afternoon.

Call for Contributions

Intending participants are invited to express their interest in either:

  • contribution of a symposium paper (30 minutes)
  • short papers or informal contributions (work in progress, discussion of texts, poster presentation, etc, 15 minutes)

Convener (for inquiries, expressions of interest or offers of contributions)

Professor Ian Malcolm
School of Language and Literature, Edith Cowan University
2 Bradford Street, MOUNT LAWLEY, WA 6050

Tel. (08) 9370 6478
Fax. (08) 9370 6027
E-mail <>

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Applied Linguistics Association of Australia Conference

The twenty-fourth annual congress of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA) will be held in Perth, Western Australia, between the 26th and the 29th of September 1999.

The organising committee for the conference is made up of applied linguists drawn from several educational providers. The venue will be St George's College and the Graduate School of Education at the University of Western Australia.

The ALAA conference traditionally considers matters dealing with:

  • Second language acquisition/learning
  • Language teaching
  • Language policy
  • Language minorities
  • English as an international language
  • New Englishes
  • Discourse analysis Critical linguistics
  • and, more generally, any research involving the application of linguistics to an area or problem.

Abstracts deadline extended

The Deadline for Abstracts for papers and workshops for the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia Congress in Perth, Western Australia 26-29 September has been extended to 31 May 1999.

Please send abstracts, preferably by email as part of the message (not as an attachment) direct to

Dr Graham Mackay, Head
School of Language and Literature
Edith Cowan University
2 Bradford Street
Mount Lawley Western Australia 6050
Telephone: (08) 9370 6543/+61 8 9370 6543
Fax: (08) 9370 6608/+61 8 9370 6608

Further information from

or email Graham Mackay at < u>

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Australian Linguistics Institute 2000

The University of Melbourne Department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics has agreed to host the next Australian Linguistic Institute ALI-2000 which will run from Monday 3rd July to Friday 14th July 2000, with a break in the middle for the ALS and ALAA conferences, which will overlap. The details are as follows:

  • Monday 3 ALI-2000
  • Tuesday 4 ALI-2000
  • Wednesday 5 ALI-2000
  • Thursday 6 ALI-2000, dinner
  • Friday 7 ALI-2000 workshops, ALAA, Bushdance
  • Saturday 8 ALAA and ALS
  • Sunday 9 ALAA and ALS
  • Monday 10 Social day, Bushwalk
  • Tuesday 11 ALI-2000
  • Wednesday 12 ALI-2000
  • Thursday 13 ALI-2000, BBQ Dinner
  • Friday 14 ALI-2000

Organizers for ALI-2000 and conferences

ALI-2000 Organizers

Peter Austin (Chair), Julie Bradshaw (Co-ordinator), Keith Allan, Kate Burridge, Howard Nicholas, Andrea Truckenbrodt, Brian Paltridge, Brian Lynch, Tim McNamara, Jean Mulder, Nick Evans, Lesley Stirling, Janet Fletcher.

ALS 2000 Organizers

Keith Allan (Chair), Heather Bowe, Michael Clyne, Mark Newbrook, David Bradley.

ALAA 2000 Organizers

Howard Nicholas (Chair), Tim McNamara, Andrea Truckenbrodt, Lloyd Holliday.

Further information

An e-mail account has been set up:

A web site on the University of Melbourne server will be organised soon.

Call for expressions of interest in running courses at ALI

The organisers of ALI-2000 are interested to hear from colleagues who would like to present a course at the ALI in July 2000. Courses will be taught in 90 minute seminar format and will be either 6 hours or 12 hours in total. Proposed courses can be on any topic in linguistics and applied linguistics; presenters should indicate whether the course is introductory (no background in linguistics), inter-mediate (assumes at least first year linguistics) or advanced (honours or MA level). Presenters will be asked to recommend essay topics or assessable exercises for students enrolled in their courses, however they will not be expected to correct any work (this is the responsibility of the student's home organisation). Please send a course proposal giving an outline syllabus and reading list to ALI-2000, Department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, University of Melbourne, Parkville. Vic 3052 or by e-mail to the above address.

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Linguists needed for Native Title research in WA

I am looking for expressions of interest from qualified linguists, preferrably with some native title research experience, and/or with expertise in Western Desert languages. The Goldfields Land Council hires on a contract basis. I am hoping you can put a notice in your newsletter with my contact details, or as we are in fairly urgent need, let anyone you know know, or give me contact details of anyone you think might be interested. We already have Dr. David Nash and Dr. Linda Barwick on contract, and they will continue working for us, however we need two additional researchers for other areas. Thanks for your assistance in advance.

Dr Jocelyn Grace
Coordinating Anthropologist
ph (08) 9091 1661
fx (08) 9091 1662
PO Box 10006
Kalgoorlie WA 6430

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Scholarly Articles Research Alerting

David Nash draws our attention to the following message from CARFAX, publishers of our Australian Journal of Linguistics. More information is available from Carfax Publishing Ltd - International Periodical Publishers

In the wider world of scholarly communication individuals and organisations continue to develop electronic sources of information. It is no longer enough for a publisher merely to distribute printed journals.

Carfax is using the Internet actively to disseminate information about its journals before they are published. As a part of this initiative, we are pleased to announce a new service: Scholarly Articles Research Alerting (SARA). This service will deliver tables of contents for any Carfax journal completely free of charge.

Carfax will e-mail to you the contents pages of any of our journals in advance of the printed edition. This will be done on an issue-by-issue basis utilising standard e-mail protocols. This will give you advance warning of what is being published before the journals arrive in your library, allowing you to stay ahead of your field without wasting valuable time.

To register for this complimentary service, please send an e-mail to with the word "INFO" in the body of the message. You will then be asked to choose which titles are of interest. You can request contents pages for all of our journals, for those in a subject cluster, or for just one title. All free of charge!

The subject clusters available are Assessment, Comparative Education, Performing Arts and English, Education Research, Environment, Further Education, Higher Education, Moral and Religious Education, Multicultural Education, Sociology of Education, Special Needs, Teacher Education, Gender, Addiction Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Counselling, Environmental Health/Medicine, Medical Education, Medical Sociology, Mental Health, Psychology, Tropical Medicine, Law, Management, Poultry Science, Science and Technology, African Studies, Asian Studies, Asia-Pacific Studies, Business and Economics, Cultural Studies, Development Studies, Eastern European Studies, European Studies, Geography, History, Humanities, International Relations, Latin American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Philosophy, Planning, Politics, Religion, Social Sciences, and Sociology. Alternatively you may request the contents pages of one title.

You may leave the list at any time by sending an e-mail containing the message "UNSUBSCRIBE AJL" to SARA-at-CARFAX.CO.UK.

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Recent Publications

Crowley,Terry. 1998. Ura. Languages of the World/Materials 240. München: LINCOM EUROPA.

Crowley, Terry. 1998. An Erromangan (Sye) grammar. Oceanic Linguistics Special Publication No. 27. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.

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News from the Research Centre for Linguistic Typology


It was recently announced that the Research Centre for Linguistic Typology will relocate to La Trobe University from 1 January 2000. The Vice-Chancellor of La Trobe University, Professor Michael Osborne, has invited Professors Dixon and Aikhenvald to re-establish the Centre as the first research unit of the University's new Institute of Advanced Studies. The Centre will continue its work documenting endangered languages and putting forward inductive generalisations concerning the nature of human languages.

With preparations for the move gathering momentum, the RCLT will not be holding an International Workshop this year. However it is anticipated that there will be a Workshop at La Trobe University in August 2000, the proposed topic for it being "The unit word: its phonological, grammatical, cultural and cognitive bases".

Staff Activities

Bob Dixon recently attended the 35th Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society where he was invited as plenary speaker for the session "Theory and Linguistic Diversity'. He spoke on "Semantic Roles and Syntactic Function: the Semantic Basis for a Typology". Sasha Aikhenvald also participated in the panel session on "Linguistic Theory and Diversity" with a paper on "Polysynthetic Nouns: the Case of Tariana".

This year there is considerable focus on fieldwork, with Bob Dixon currently working in the field in Southern Amazonia, Brazil, finalising his grammar of Jarawara jointly with Alan Vogel. He will return to Canberra at the end of May. Sasha Aikhenvald will go to Northern Amazonia, Brazil to undertake fieldwork during June and July with the expectation of finalising her grammar of Tariana and investigating the multilingual setting of the Vaupés. She is planning to go to Papua New Guinea at the end of the year to undertake further fieldwork on Manambu, a Papuan language spoken in East Sepik Province.

Publications and Prizes

Among major publications of the Centre is Sasha Aikehnvald's book, TARIANA TEXTS AND CULTURAL CONTEXT has just been published by Lincom Europa in their series Languages of the World Text Collections 07. This book was compiled with the assistance of native speakers of Tariana and contains an anthropological introduction to Tariana language and culture, and ten of the most culturally salient stories in this language.

Bob Dixon was recently awarded the Stanner Prize for his book (published jointly with Grace Koch in 1996) DYIRBAL SONG POETRY: THE ORAL LITERATURE OF AN AUSTRALIAN RAINFOREST PEOPLE.

For further information

Ms Jennifer Elliott, Centre Administrator
Research Centre for Linguistic Typology, The Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200

Phone: (02) 6249 0012
Fax: (02) 6249 0332

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News from University of Sydney

Edward McDonald, who studied at the University of Sydney and at Macquarie University, has accepted a lectureship in linguistics in the Department of English, National University of Singapore.


At the coalface

Christopher Cleirigh, Ph D thesis, University of Sydney 1998 The Genesis Of Phonic Texture: Systemic Phonology and Universal Darwinism


This thesis develops notions of phonological function and structure from a Systemic theoretical perspective. Comprehensive descriptions of the articulatory textures of Irish and of Australian English are used to illustrate the theoretical model of function and structure. The thesis provides a framework for modelling language as a complex adaptive system evolving according to Darwinian principles using Darwinian models of the brain and culture by Edelman and Dawkins, respectively.

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Linguistics Position at UNE

Equity principles underpin all UNE policies and procedures. The University is committed to EEO principles and a smoke-free environment, values cultural diversity and recognises that all its employees have a contribution to make in ensuring an equitable and harmonious working environment.

School of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics

Associate Lecturer in Linguistics, (Level A, Two Year Fixed-Term)

The School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics requires a contract appointment from 1 July 1999 - 30 June 2001, to cover the absence of a linguistics staff member on leave. The appointee will teach primarily at undergraduate level, but may also undertake some limited supervision or co-supervision of Honours students. As well as on-campus teaching, the job involves teaching via distance education. The appointee will also be expected to pursue an active research programme.

The successful applicant will have a higher degree in Linguistics. Applicants must be able to demonstrate ability to teach a 2nd/3rd year-level semester unit in phonology, and in one or more of the following areas: phonetics, cross-cultural communication, linguistics of Asian languages, applied linguistics, history and philosophy of linguistics.

The successful candidate will be expected to take up duty by mid-July 1999. An initial research grant may be awarded by the Faculty to a successful woman applicant on appointment.

Informal enquiries may be directed to Cliff Goddard, Convenor of Linguistics, telephone (02) 6773 3309, email Further information about Linguistics at UNE can be gained through arts/Linguist/linguist.htm.

Salary: $32,223 to $43,729 per annum (Level A)
Closing Date: 26 May 1999
Position No: 500
Applications (submitted in duplicate) to be addressed to Personnel Services, University of New England, Armidale NSW 2351, telephone (02) 6773 2024, facsimile (02) 6773 3404 and should include the names, addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile/email address of three relevant referees and should state the above position number and must be received prior to the closing date. The University reserves the right not to fill a position.

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Linguistics position in Christchurch

Temporary Lecturer in Linguistics
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for a one or possibly two year relieving position at the University of Canterbury. The minimum qualification on appointment is a Ph.D.

Applicants will be expected to show evidence of strong teaching ability. They will be expected to teach introductory and advanced courses in syntax. Ability to teach in other areas such as morphology, sociolinguistics and historical linguistics is also desirable. Assisting with thesis supervision would be an advantage.

Inquiries about the position may be directed to the Head of Department, Dr K. Kuiper, from whom further details of the Department's activities, in both research and teaching, may be obtained. Telephone 64-3-364-2040, fax 64-3-364-2969 or Email

The Departmental web site is

The salary for the position will be at NZ$46,500 per annum. This is equivalent to an acting assistant professor salary. Applications close on 1st July 1999.

Applications must be addressed to the Head of the Department of Linguistics, University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch, New Zealand. Applications should include a full CV including the names of three referees and a letter of application addressed to the requirements of the position.

The University has a policy of equality of opportunity in employment.

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Linguistics Position at Batchelor College

Ian Green has resigned from his position at Batchelor College. >From mid-June he takes up the position of Associate Professor of Indigenous Studies and Director of the Riawunna Centre for Aboriginal Education at the University of Tasmania, where he'll be based at the Launceston campus. He will be working to increase the languages and linguistics component in the Indigenous Studies program, and investigating the possibility of joining forces with other interested parties to set up a mainstream linguistics course at some point in the future.

His previous position, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of the Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics (CALL), Batchelor College, is now in the process of being advertised. Applicants should have at least a Masters degree (or equivalent) in linguistics, languages or a related field, a background in Australian languages and fieldwork or other cross-cultural professional experience. Tertiary teaching experience and a track record in curriculum development and delivery issues are also required. People interested in applying should contact:

Helen Harper, Acting Coordinator, CALL, Batchelor College, Batchelor, NT 0845

ph: 08 8939 7260
fax: 08 8939 7331


Recruitment Section, Batchelor College, Batchelor, NT 0845
ph: 08 8939 7111
fax: 08 8939 7100

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The Australian Linguistics List


The Australian Linguistics List is an electronic forum established in 1994 by the Australian National University to provide a world-wide communications vehicle for people working on, or interested in the study of Indigenous Australian (Aboriginal and Torres St Islander) languages, including contemporary creoles and Aboriginal and Torres St Islander English dialects.

To receive messages posted to the list, and to contribute to discussion, you must subscribe to the list and be approved as a member by the list owner, currently Ian Green.

Over the last couple of years there have been some intermittent communication problems which have resulted in the loss of a number of requests for subscription approval, changes of address etc. These problems have now been repaired and the list is back in full operational mode.

To join, re-join or check if you are still subscribed to the list send an e-mail message to:

consisting only of:

subscribe Australian-Linguistics-L <your e-mail address>

For problems, ideas, issues etc. concerning the list please contact Ian Green at:

< .au>

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13th New Zealand Linguistic Society Conference 1999

The 13th NZ Linguistic Society Conference will be held in the International Student Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, from the morning of Wednesday 24th November to Friday afternoon, November 26 1999. The conference dinner will be held on Thursday evening at the Wharerata

Homestead on campus. The following plenary speakers are tentatively scheduled: Prof P. Austin (Melbourne), Prof L. Campbell (Canterbury), Prof J. Holmes (Victoria), Ass Prof K.P. Monahan (National University of Singapore), Prof Sik Hung Ng (Victoria), Prof M Shibatani (Kobe). For further information, email John Newman at, or write to School of Language Studies, Massey University, Private Bag 11-222, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

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Language and Gender Symposium

A Language and Gender Symposium, as part of the VUW Centennial celebrations, will be held on 20th and 21st October 1999 at Victoria University of Wellington. We are planning a mixed programme of plenaries, paper sessions, and poster displays.


Language and Gender Identity & Women in the Workplace.

Plenary Speakers

  • Jennifer Coates, Roehampton Institute, University of London;
  • Sally McConnell-Ginet, Cornell University;
  • Anne Pauwels, University of Wollongong.


Abstracts of 200 words maximum for 15-20 minute papers or for poster presentations, on one of the Symposium themes, should be submitted by June 18th (revised from previous circulars), by email, by using the web-site registration and submission for, or by regular mail to the address given below. Please indicate your preferred mode of presentation (paper or poster). Our preference is to use the internet for circulating information and for registration.

Registration costs (New Zealand dollars): $100 before 31/7/99; $110 at the symposium; $60 single day; $30 for students ($15/day).

Accommodation and Dinner

No centrally organised accommodation will be available. For suggestions on accommodation in Wellington, visit our web-site. There will be a symposium dinner on 20th October.


Internet: http://www.vuw.a

Our email address is:

Surface address:
Language and Gender Symposium
School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
Wellington, New Zealand

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34th Colloquium of Linguistics

September 7-10, 1999

University of Mainz, Germany

We cordially invite you to participate in the 34th Colloquium of Linguistics which will take place at the Johannes Gutenberg- Universitaet Mainz, Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies, Germersheim, from September 7 to September 10, 1999. The motto of this year's conference will be "Linguistics on the Way into the New Millennium". Continuing the tradition of the colloquium, there will be no restrictions regarding the choice of topics. The conference languages are English, German, and French. Presentations should not exceed 30 minutes which includes 10 minutes of discussion. The deadline for abstracts is May 31, 1999. A volume of abstracts will be available at the conference. The proceedings with the full papers will be published after the conference with Peter Lang-Verlag.

In a break with tradition, this year's conference program will be supplemented by a number of tutorials. Each tutorial comprises three hours and is intended to give a concise introduction to a specific field for audiences with a different focus of research.

We are particularly happy to offer you a bus excursion to the old city of Heidelberg with a guided tour through the castle on Thursday, September 9. On the way, we will stop in Speyer, whose Cathedral (Kaiserdom) is part of the UNESCO's world cultural heritage.

Please do not hesitate to bring this announcement to the attention of interested colleagues. More information can be found on our website at

Prof. Dr. Dieter Huber Dr. Reinhard Rapp

Important Dates

  • May 31, 1999 - Submission of abstracts, Conference registration (reduced rate), Registration for tutorials & excursion, Hotel reservation
  • Nov. 30, 1999 - Submission of full papers for the proceedings

Colloquium Address

34th Colloquium of Linguistics, c/o Dr. Reinhard Rapp,
Universitaet Mainz, FASK, D-76711 Germersheim, Germany
Phone: (+49) 7274 / 508-457
Fax: (+49) 7274 / 508-429

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About ALS

ALS Website


  1. To further interest in, and support for, linguistic research and teaching in Australia.
  2. To organise an annual meeting and visits of local and overseas speakers.
  3. To publish a journal of international standing.
  4. To organise an International Congress of Linguists when appropriate.
  5. To organise an Australian Linguistic Institute.

Benefits of membership

  1. Free quarterly Newsletter.
  2. Free subscription to the Australian Journal of Linguistics.
  3. Membership rates for ALS conference registration.
  4. Entitlement to present papers at the Annual Conference.
  5. The more intangible benefits of belonging to the network of Australian linguists.

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ALS Office Bearers


Peter Austin (UMelbourne)
Dept of Linguistics, University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC 3052

Vice Presidents

John Ingram (UQld) <>
Hilary Chappell (La Trobe) <>
Ian Malcolm (Edith Cowan) <>


Michael Walsh (USydney)
Linguistics, F12 Transient, University of Sydney, NSW 2006.
Ph.02 9351 4228; Fax 02 9351 7572 <>


Doug Absalom (Newcastle)
Box 8, Hunter Building, Newcastle University, NSW 2308
Ph.02 49216437; Fax 02 4921 6895

Journal Editors

Peter Collins (UNSW)
Linguistics Department, Univ of New South Wales, NSW 2052.
Peter Peterson (Newcastle) (reviews editor)
Dept of Linguistics, Univ of Newcastle, NSW 2308.
Tel: 02 49 216437 Fax 02 4921 6895
Doug Absalom (Newcastle)
Box 8, Hunter Building, Newcastle University, NSW 2308
Ph.02 49216437; Fax 02 4921 6895

Newsletter Editor

Helen Fraser (UNE)
School of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics, UNE, Armidale NSW 2351
Tel: 02 6773 3189; Fax: 02 6773 3735
Email: <>

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Next Newsletter

The ALS Newsletter is published four times per year. This is the second issue for 1999. The next issue (99/3) will come out in mid August. Copy will be due on the first Monday in August.

Please send copy, and any queries, comments or suggestions to the Newsletter Editor, Helen Fraser, contact details in office bearers section.


The ALS journal

The ALS publishes a journal, The Australian Journal of Linguistics (AJL) twice a year. The last issue was 18/2 (October 1998), with 19/1 currently in production.

Correspondence regarding general AJL matters should be sent to Peter Collins. Correspondence regarding papers and reviews should be sent to any of the editors or the reviews editor (contact details in office bearers section).

The journal is publised by Carfax,

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ALS membership and address changes

Please use the form below for both subscriptions and address changes, or email directly to the Treasurer, Doug Absalom, contact details in office bearers section.

Please note that the Treasurer maintains the only membership and address list, so this information should be sent directly to him rather than to the Newsletter or Journal editors. Thanks.


Please copy this form to email or paper and send completed form to ALS Treasurer (contact details in office bearers section).


Title _____ Surname

First name

ADDRESS (institutional address greatly preferred)



State __________ Postcode____________

Country (if not Australia)____________________

PAYMENT ENCLOSED (Please delete those not applicable):

$50 Full membership, one year
$60 Joint m'ship, one year (two people at same address)
$20 Concession membership (full-time student)
$5 discount on all fees if paid by 1st April 1999


Please enclose cheque payable to 'ALS'


Please fill in the following details

Which card? Bankcard Mastercard Visa

Number: ______ ______ ______ ______

Expiry date (month/year) _ _ / _ _

Amount: $________ Today's date: _ _ / _ _ / 19 _ _

Signature: __________________


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ALS99 Conference Registration Form


If you do need to use email, copy this form into an email message and follow the directions below.



Given name:


Postal address:




Name tag:

REGISTRATION TYPE (delete others)

Standard Paid by July 1

Conference only Waged ALS member $110 $90

Student/unwaged ALS member $70 $50

Conference + membership Waged $160 $140

Student/unwaged $90 $70


St George's College single room, shared bathroom facilities $44 per night

single room, ensuite bathroom $56 per night

twin room, shared bathroom facilities $66 per night

twin room, ensuite bathroom $84 per night


St Thomas More College single room, shared bathroom facilities $35 per night

If selecting a twin room, person who has agreed to share with you: ....................................

$50 booking deposit to be paid with registration. If your preferred accommodation is not available, you will be contacted by the Colleges.

NIGHTS ACCOMMODATION REQUIRED (delete those not required):

Sun 26/9 Mon 27/9 Tue 28/9 Wed 29/9 Thu 30/9 Fri 1/10 Sat 2/10


Number of tickets -at- $35 each (excluding drinks): ........


Registration $..........

Accommodation Deposit $..........

Conference Dinner $..........

Total $____

Cheques (AU$ only) should be payable to ALS99 and posted to the address below.

Credit card payments are also acceptable.

There is a $20 fee for cancellation once your payment has been received.

Visa / Mastercard / Bankcard

Card no.: _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

Expiry date _ _ / _ _

Name exactly as on card:

Send e-mail form to

If paying by cheque, post cheque to

ALS99, Centre for LInguistics, UWA, WA 6907


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