Poster Presentations

Guidelines for Poster Presentations at ALS2014

  • We recommend the standard poster A0 size for your posters.
  • It is preferable that posters be laminated, but don't worry if you can't.
  • The conference will provide boards and pins for displaying posters
  • We recommend using Powerpoint as it has an option for producing posters. There is no equivalent option in Word.
  • Google has a lot of useful information on how to produce posters and there is a free download for a Powerpoint Poster Template (see below).
  • The template example below shows portrait format, but you are welcome to use landscape instead. Landscape is often a more popular format for conference posters. We will accept either.


This free PowerPoint template is designed for a standard metric scientific poster presentation at 841mm x 1189mm size for international or domestic poster sessions.

This scientific poster template can be printed at the following size: 33.11 inches x 46.81 inches - See more at:

(Modern - Windows and Mac PowerPoint)