Proceedings of the 2001 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society

Edited by Cynthia Allen

The 2001 Australian Linguistic Society Conference was held at the Australian National University in Canberra, from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 September 2001. The Conference was co-hosted by the Linguistics Department in the Faculty of Arts and the Linguistics Department in the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies of the Australian National University.

Papers from these proceedings should be referenced as:

Author(s)-of-paper. 2002. Title-of-paper. In Cynthia Allen (ed.), Proceedings of the 2001 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society.

Note that there is no overall page numbering system for the proceedings as a whole: page numbering begins at 1 in each paper.

Not all papers presented at the conference were accepted for publication. These papers were anonymously peer-reviewed to DETYA standards by ALS members from around Australia (see below). Papers were required to meet the standard for publication in academic journals such as the Australian Journal of Linguistics, subject to a word limit commensurate with the length of conference presentations. The review process for the proceedings was separate from the review process for acceptance of abstracts for the actual conference presentations.

The official date of publication of these proceedings is 30 January 2002.



The editor would like to thank the following colleagues for acting as referees:

Matthew Absalom
Keith Allan
Avery Andrews
Wayan Arka
Barry Blake
Lea Brown
Pauline Bryant
Kate Burridge
Chantal Crozet
Michelle de Courcy
Cliff Goddard
Michael Harrington
Jean Harkins
Peter Hendriks
John Ingram
David Lee
Tony Liddicoat
Patrick McConvell
Peter Peterson
George Quinn
Jae-Jung Song
Angela Terrill
Anna Wierzbicka